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"Of particular note is Mance Grady, who pounds away on his bodhran like a Celtic Mickey Hart." --Lindsay Cobb - Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange
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16. Traveller Band Set


"...the icing on the cake." --Johnny Cunningham


"It doesn't get any better." --Joe Derrane


"...formidable." --Keith Corrigan, Quebecois accordion great


"...a top-class talent." --Alan Loughnane, Irish Voice


"...regarded as one of the finest bodhrán players, actually general percussionists in traditional music..." --Brian O'Donovan, WGBH's Celtic Sojourn, Boston, Mass.


"He plays the tune."--Séamus Connolly


"Grady's musicianship is unquestionable... Prepare to gasp at the deftness." --Michael Caito, The Providence Phoenix


"The bodhrán ... in the hands of a percussion master like Mance Grady -- can be a remarkably expressive instrument... " --Andy Smith, The Providence Journal

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or you may call 401 333-2293 (EST)

Mance Grady (last minute of closing Bodhrán solo) - 4.6mb

Mance Grady is regarded as a Master Player of the Bodhrán, sanctioned by the National Endowment for the Arts through his receipt of NEA grant monies through RISCA's Master/Apprenticeship Program in the effort to foster the preservation and perpetuation of the art of bodhrán playing. Mance is the first bodhrán player in the U.S. to receive this distinction.

Students are offered the unique opportunity of learning from a professional who not only is regarded as one of the top players, but who is also one of the earliest bodhrán makers in North America and one of the foremost in the world.

His innovative spirit continues to cross the boundaries between player and maker. Not only is he one of the early pioneers of the crossover in using the bodhrán in other musical genres, Mance can also claim responsibility for many noted improvements in bodhrán construction.

Mance is able to offer invaluable insight on playing techniques, as well as guide his students in the proper care and maintenance of their instruments.

Mance at the Green Linnet
Party of the Year.

Mance is also a member of the New England Touring Roster and the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts Artists in Folk Traditions, participating in various presentations of the Irish bodhrán in both concert and workshop settings.


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