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• Discography •
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Mance Grady has appeared on the following recordings:
Trouz Bras: Trouz Bras & Friends (Independant)
Musicians include: Ray Price, Barry Hall, Matt Brown,
Lisa Schmitz & Friends: Glad Tidings (Independant)
Musicians include: Mark Davis, Phil Edmonds, Russell Guisetti
Eamon Flynn: Down by the Glenside (Independant)
Musicians include: Helen Kiesel
David Coffin: Flight of Time (Good Dog Records)
Musicians include: David Surette
Celtic Revels: Celtic Roads (Revels Records) [read review]
Musicians include: Bridget Fitzgerald, Roger Burridge, Margot Chamberlain, Mark Roberts, David Coffin

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Aine Minogue: The Mists of Time (North Star Records)
Musicians include: William Coulter, Alasdair Halliday, Barry Phillips, Steve Schuch, Gerry Putnam, Paul Machlis
Mance Grady: Mance Grady (Independant) [read review]
Musicians include: Chris Turner, Tina Lech, Jimmy Noonan, Noel Scott, Roger Burridge, Bill Crozier, Michael McKinley, Hughie Purcell
Ed Sweeney: Traditions (Soundworks Unlimited)
Musicians include: Steve Snyder, Karl Dennis, Lorraine Hammond, Dan Moretti, Sara Bauhan
Brehon Law: Giving It All That (Independant)
Musicians include: Ned Giblin, Tony Giblin, Tommy Courtney, Johnny Cunningham, Bill Miele
Michael McKinley: The Executive Session (Stonington Island Records)
Musicians include: Séamus Connolly, Martin O'Malley, Bill Crozier, Lindsay O'Donovan

Robbie O'Connell: Never Learned to Dance (Green Linnet Records)
Musicians include: Tim Britton, Johnny Cunningham, Seamus Egan, Richard Gates, Jimmy Keane, Billy Novick, Tom O'Carroll, Roxanne O'Connell, Lindsay O'Donovan, Brian O'Neill, Ruth Rothstein & John Sands

Pendragon: At the Crossroads (Independant)

Working River (Independant)

Passage to New England (Beacon Records)
Musicians include: Paddy Keenan, Johnny Cunningham

Nee Ningy Band: Get Nung! (Biograph Records)

Just Whop It (Wedgie Records)

Bill Agle: Captiva (TGS Records)
Musicians include: Zan McLeod, Tríona Ní Dhomhnaíll others.


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